Hardware, software and computer network technology as the main parts of IT, dynamically change in line with the evolution of IT. An innovative company should follow the growth of their technology and it will impact automatically to company’s productivity and performance. Expertise, experience, credible and commitment are the basic reason why Uninet is the solid company you can trust.

Uninet also brings the network solution for the data communication service which is suitable for the company that need point-to-point, office-to-office connection within the same city with functions such as LAN to LAN connection with various applications including multimedia, video conference, Voice over IP and applications that are based on client-server / telnet / terminal emulation with centralized database consists of File transfer, File sharing, Email, Intranet Web Portal, etc
And also transactional and interactive applications consist of Inter-branch Online Service and another delay sensitive application. It is also feasible for inner-city or Intercity data communication connection.