The total solution that Uninet offers will improve your HRMS, and it is customized based on your needs, developed with relatively low cost investment.

It will significantly increase the productivity of your employees by reducing paper works and data entries. All Human Resources (HR) Data will be filed in a single database, which is more helpful, while ensuring the accuracy and security of employees’ information.

It is a Web-based software solution, providing capabilities for a human resources department to manage thousands of employees’ records in a clear, easy-to-use format. In addition to all of the typical functions required by HR professionals, it includes a full audit trail to know who has made any changes and when the changes occurred. Payroll integration, multiple reporting solutions, event-driven process management and managers/employees’ self-services are also included.

It can be operated for your company that has multi-shift, multi-work schedule, multi-branch, and overseas branch. Optionally, it can be accessed through internet which is powered by Virtual Private Network system and supports multi closed-users group.

System Advantages


  • Thin Client Application : accessible by all computers that have standard Internet browser installed with any operating systems. No need to install and maintain client applications on individual computers. It is accessed through the browser that communicates with your server. This makes the application less demanding on hardware resources
  • Greater data integrity : The entire data resides at the server. In the event of a power failure, virus attack, system crashes etc only the server needs to be protected.
  • Easy Administration : Few installations mean less PCs to configure and maintain and administer.
  • Scalable : It is fully integrated with the web environment. An SQL Server 2000 back-end allows flexibility and data interchange with latest workgroup and client server applications.
  • Run on the low bandwidth traffic : support to Local Area Network (Intranet), Wide Area Network (Extranet) and accessible through the Internet (VPN recommended)
  • Multi-Users – UNLIMITED USERS : accessible by all authorized users on the Local Area Network, no additional user license required.
  • Security : restricted area (user and password required), management of user-privilege policy by hierarchy.
  • Low maintenance : installation and development only on the server.
  • The available features use the approval systems.



Ideal Solution for a Geographically Distributed Workforce
It is an ideal solution for companies working with a geographically dispersed workforce. Currently, most of small medium enterprises are managing their core business processes through several independent applications from different vendors. As a result, valuable time, effort and money are spent on integrating these solutions.

Open Database Allows Use of Third Party Reporting Tools
A completely open database structure implies that you can view all data tables, generate custom reports using third party report writing tools (such as Crystal Reports), Perform data backup operations directly through the database.


Anytime Anywhere Application
The browser interface implies that you can simply use the IP address to view reports anywhere as long as you have internet access, without spending any money on dedicated lease lines or data centers. Moreover, this application architecture enables you to maintain centralized accounting for geographically spread office locations.

Everycompany’s business is unique. Systems and processes differ across companies in the same vertical segment. Until now, the privilege of customized solutions has been the domain of large corporations with deep pockets and dedicated IT manpower. However, we promise our customers a high level of customization at a reasonable cost. Whether it is order processing / execution, customized contract inputs or specific reporting requirements, we will tailor a solution and integrate it with our product for a best fit.


Integrate multiple locations/departments


  • Run on the Internet or a private intranet/extranet-VPN
  • Integrate with your payroll system and corporate databases
  • Any authorized person at any office can access HRMS
  • Limit user access down to each data item, screen, and report


Tailor-made to meet your needs


  • Create/modify screens, menus, and tables
  • Run high quality reports and create your own
  • Output reports to web pages, documents, or spreadsheets
  • Apply filters for rapid data entry and retrieval


Computerized HR department


  • Automatic triggers and alerts via emails or SMS (optional)
  • Schedule reports to be run and emailed
  • Store pictures, job descriptions, resume, and video (optional)
  • Manage and control work flow easily


Built to handle any size company


  • * Easily process 50 to unlimited employees
  • * Self service paycheck view for each employee
  • * Full detailed audit trail of any changes
  • * Manager service and review




  • Integrated system with absent machine
  • HR Applications System (standard recruitment,  employee database, automatically absence and over time calculation, shift - working schedule, standard appraisal, HR forms such as annual and other leave, travel, loan)
  • Payroll Applications System (such as salary calculation and slip, tax calculation related to government rules,insurance, Jamsostek calculation)
  • Reporting: HR Transactions Summary, Payroll and  Tax Report


Modules and Features


I. Recruitment:

  • New Candidate
  • Candidate Master
  • Selection & Transfer
  • Report
II. Personnel:
    • Employee Master (input, update, search, upload)
    • Organization Structure (Division, Department, dll)
    • Office Structure (Province, Location)
    • Employee Structure (Type, Status, Position, Level)
    • Superior Setup
    • Global Training Setup

III. Appraisal Form:

    • Level
    • Description
    • Sub Description
    • Value
    • Range
    • Period

IV. Time Sheet:

  • Working Day (Person and Group)
  • Working Time (Person and Group)
  • Time Sheet Processor (Person and Mass)
  • Calendar
  • Holiday
  • Global Working Day ( Group)
  • Global Working Time ( Group)
  • Overtime Parameter (Poin, Formula, Waktu Istirahat, Perhitungan Jam)
  • Employee Calendar

V. Transaction Forms

    • Annual Leave
    • Other Leave
    • Overtime
    • Travel Assignment
    • Visit Assignment
    • Personal Loan
    • Medical Reimbursement
    • “Training”
    • Manual Absence
    • Warning Notice
    • Termination
    • Registration Number Setting
    • Annual Leave Setting
    • Other Leave Setting
    • Hospital / Doctor List
    • Transaction Forms Flow Setting

VI. Payroll

  • Addition (Input, Upload)
  • Deduction (Input, Upload)
  • Currency Exchange
  • Attendance (Premi Hadir) Calculation
  • Bonus Calculation
  • THR Calculation
  • Rapel Calculation
  • Gratuity Calculation
  • Payroll Calculation
  • Jamsostek Generator
  • Tax SPM Generator
  • Tax SPT PPh21 Generator
  • Tax & Jamsostek Information
  • Payroll Report Setup
  • Salary Component, Addition, Deduction, Jamsostek Setting
  • PTKP, Tax PPh21, Gratuity Tax Setting
  • Medical Reimbursement Setting
  • Payroll Period
  • THR, Bonus Work Period Calculation

II. Report


    • Personal Career & Data
    • Education Data
    • Family Data
    • Training Data
    • Skill Data
    • Facilities Data
    • Annual Leave Summary
    • Medical Reimbursement Summary
    • Employee Status

Time Sheet

    • Absent Machine
    • Processing Detail and Summary


  • Annual Leave
  • Other Leave
  • Overtime
  • Travel Assignment
  • Visit Assignment
*) Personal Loan
*) Medical Reimbursement
*) Warning Notice
*) Termination
*) Resignation



  • Form
  • Summary


    • Personal Salary, Tax & Bank Account
    • Salary Slip
    • Attendance & Overtime Slip
    • Salary Detail, Recap, Per Location
    • Salary Mutation
    • Bank Transfer
    • Bonus Slip, Summary
    • THR Slip, Summary
    • Rapel Slip, Summary
    • Jamsostek Summary, Yearly, Iuran, Daftar Kary. Baru, Keluar, Perubahan Upah
    • Tax Summary, Yearly SPM, Induk, SPT
    • Loan Recap

Installation and Integration

    • Installation and integration to the server
    • Running test on server and user
    • 15 (fifteen) days testing/trial period and correction
    • System Documentation

Additional Features

    • Online user manual / guidance
    • 1 (one) month evaluation period after testing/trial with unlimited maintenance warranty
    • 12 x on-site maintenance support tickets for 1 (one) year after evaluation period for Jabotabek Area.
    • 3 (three) days onsite training
    • Unlimited e-mail and on-call support



Network Topology