Cloud Computing refers to a recent trend in Information Technology (IT) that moves computing and data away from desktop and portable PCs into large data centers. The key driving forces behind the emergence of Cloud Computing includes the overcapacity of today's large corporate data centers, the ubiquity of broadband and wireless networking, the failing cost of storage, and progressive improvements in internet computing software. Currently, the main technical underpinnings of Cloud Computing infrastructure and services include virtualization, service-oriented software, grid computing technologies, management of large facilities, power efficiency, etc.

The emergence of Cloud Computing promises to streamline the on-demand provision of software, hardware, and data as a service, achieving economies of scale in the deployment and operation of IT solutions. It is believed that Cloud Computing will be a disruptive technology with profound implications not only for internet services but also for the IT sector as a whole.


Uninet provides Cloud Computing infrastructure and services to all industries. We make it possible to our clients to quickly move from an idea to a web application with millions of users - without the pain of large capital outlays and long-term vendor contracts. Uninet provides all this flexibility and also delivers all the security, cost stability, and enterprise-grade performance of a dedicated private data center

Uninet infrastructure is designed to let you dynamically add more servers very quickly. We regularly help clients go from one user to an infrastructure capable of supporting several million total users. The whole process takes only a couple of hours.

No Contracts: Month to Month Pricing Delivers the Ultimate Flexibility
Pay for only what you use. You can scale up or scale down as you ned to. You can also pay annually if you prefer, and get one month free.




Uninet 's Cloud is Entirely Open

Direct Compatibility with Legacy Software: Uninet’s cloud is built on VMWare infrastructure. Your application can be running on OS requested.

No Application rewrites required: CIOs don't want to have to rewrite apps when they move to the cloud. Google app engine, for example, requires that you completely rewrite large sections of your code.

Open means less risk - you can leave: CIOs often tell us that they like to know that they can leave GreenView if they want to. If you don't have to rewrite your app to move into GreenView, you don't have to rewrite your app to move off. One major advantage of our approach is that it reduces the risk of adopting a cloud solution.



Lower Total Cost of Ownership

On Uninet Cloud Computing, you do not have to build new tools just to manage your application in the cloud.

CIOs are concerned about operational management overall and yet whole company have to deal with the complexity of running ethereal virtualized server. These extra operational hurdles simply do not exist at GreenView. Our approach to virtualization requires much lower administrative overhead. Cloud computing promises flexibility, but it shouldn't force enterprise users into an expensive tradeoff where they have to deal with additional operational costs simply to gain that flexibility.