With BCoD, Prevalent offers standard and virtual hardware support within its data center. Standard hardware support refers to installing physical servers to support specific applications. Virtual hardware support refers to providing virtualized servers (logical file servers within a physical file server) to customers. This can be very profitable because Prevalent charges a recurring monthly fee for each virtual session, while only having to invest in (or lease) a single physical server. That sounds like a huge investment in equipment and staff, but that is not necessarily the case, since Prevalent leases space at a tier-one hosting facility. Prevalent can offer tier-one hosting services without the enormous capital expense required to build such a facility. This should be of interest to VARs considering this type of service offering. Is it realistic to expect 75% growth by adding security services to your business? Maybe not immediately. But, Prevalent has shown that by having a clear understanding of the security threat landscape, concentrating on complementary security technologies, and providing tangible, risk-mitigation services to its clients, it is possible to turn risk management into security sales growth.

Uninet BCoD ensures you can get your systems, business process and people back in operation despite disruptions to business. Our continuity services are more than just recovering your IT environment, simply they keep your business up and running.

Keeping your information assets secure while your employees remain productive is our approach to continuity services, Your company remains online resumes work as quickly as possible and we will help you put together a continuity plan and suggest best practices.

What Services we can take over when your IT disaster?

  • Managed Hosting
  • Services, Collocation & Power
  • DB & Application Services
  • E-Mail and Collaboration
  • Monitoring Services
  • Network Services
  • Managed Security Services
  • Storage Services
  • Data Backup Service
  • Managed SAN Services
  • Managed NAS Services
  • Replication Services
  • Remote Managed IT Services

Working with us is fast and easy. We are knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to provide our customers the best solutions at the minimum costs. Once you send us a Request, one of our specialists will contact you. If you already know what availability services you need, we will review them with you and provide you with our lowest prices. If you need more information, consulting, or an analysis of your current IT environment, please let us knows.

Many times we establish personal contact and we visit companies, interested to switch to collocation, or need various services, such as data backup services, managed security services, recovery services, etc. This allows us to quickly understand their business and assess their information availability needs. Other times, we make suggestions for improvements, upgrades, and ways to keep total hosting costs lower.

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