To provide the qualified, secure, reliable wide area network interoffice connection through fiber optic, managed wireless or SCPC VSAT.

This service very suitable for company that need point-to-point, office-to-office connection within the same city with functions such as LAN to LAN connection with various applications including multimedia, video conference and applications that are based on client-server / telnet / terminal emulation with centralized database consists of File transfer, File sharing, Email, Intranet Web Portal, etc.

And also transactional and interactive applications consist of Interbranch Online Service and another delay sensitive application.

This service is also feasible and expandable for Intercity connection.



Network Topology



  • Optional infrastructure: Fiber Optic, Managed Wireless or SCPC VSAT
  • Optional service for back-up connection
  • Minimum 99% Service Level Agreement
  • Guaranteed delay time, it is fully recommended to support the sensitive delay application
  • Standard equipment provided by Uninet
  • Real time network traffic monitoring access
  • Support for inner-city, inter-city (nationwide) and expandable for worldwide connection
  • Support for temporary bandwidth capacity upgrade
  • First Level Technical Support