In the new information and technology era, internet has become a critical network infrastructure to support business application as well as personal communication. Both business and residential users demand the best service, network performance and pricing to accommodate their requirements. To support those requirements, Uninet IP Transit Service is the best choice for stable and robust solution.

Uninet offers IP Transit with redundant equipments, ultra high-speed connections to all the major Internet backbones and Internet Exchanges, and ensuring routing and bandwidth allocation available at all time. It is the best solution, suitable, reliable, effective and efficient for you who provide hi-quality bandwidth for your users or customers.

Uninet IP Transit service provides direct connection to multiple Global Tier-1 Internet Providers and Internet Exchanges in the world.


Premium Quality

Uninet IP Transit provides you with a superior Internet experience. We guarantee 99.9 percent Service Level Agreement (SLA) uptime, the lowest packet loss and latency, direct connection to major Internet Exchanges in the world using premium submarine direct fiber-optic connection.


First Level Technical Support

Uninet First Level Technical Support
is the part of our proactive support service to our valued customer. Network performance constantly monitored 24x7 at UninetNetworkOperatingCenter facility in Jakarta, Indonesia. With multiple support level system to ensure all the issues resolved quickly and effectively to minimize downtime for you and your customer satisfaction.