The root cause of insecure conditions is not because of technology, but unaware people, inappropriate policies, improper security configurations, and insecure administration process of the solutions.

We help you to effectively and efficiently manage the business risks of insecure IT implementation!

Uninet has done many information security consulting activities, audit, vulnerability assessment, penetration test, tuning and hardening, and incident investigations in various large organizations.

A lot of top management think that they are secure because of the existence of sophisticated IT security technologies. They have been surprised with our critical findings because they had spent a significant amount of money to buy firewall, VPN gateway, Intrusion Detection / Prevention System (IDS/IPS), Data Leak Prevention (DLP), anti virus, security token, strong encryption, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), etc.

Information Security Consulting

  • Develop and implement Information Security Awareness Program
  • Develop Information Security Policies and Procedures
  • Create Information Security Classification
  • Redefine IT Security Strategy
  • Improve BCP/DRP
  • Technical Project Management of IT Security Project

IT Audit, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test

  • Provide independent review of¬† the efficiency and effectiveness of IT management
  • Ensure BCP and DRP will work during a disaster
  • Assure all risks are well identified, prioritized¬† and managed properly
  • Perform attack proof of concept (PoC) of how sensitive information and systems can be compromised

Tuning and Hardening

  • Improving existing security procedures, including how the administrator manages their systems and security solutions.
  • Optimizing secure IT architecture and configuration of existing systems and security solutions.

Computer Security Incident Handling and Investigation

  • Investigate an incident
  • Perform digital forensic acquisition, analysis and reporting
  • Assist internal and external incident handling coordination
  • Provide emergency solution to minimize the impact of an incident